It’s been awhile…

But the team has put together a charity Live stream of Tales of Symphonia benefiting First Book Seattle, a charity that puts books into the hands of the under privileged kids.

There are live auctions of items by Patrick Rothfuss, as well as acclaimed writer Terry Brooks, in addition to work by local artists, as well as giveaways provided by Curse, and generous indie’s such as the teams behind Assault Android Cactus, and Black Ice!

Your support would be hella rad!

-Rachel and Solon

Acknowledgments for IndiE3

An event the magnitude of IndiE3 requires the help, efforts, time, support, and aid of an entire community. This was an all-hands-on-deck moment and we want to take the time to thank everybody who contributed to this amazing event and made this project possible.


IndiE3 would have crashed and burned without the serendipitous arrival of the right person with the right skills at the right time willing to put in the hard work to solve a problem, fill a panel, put out a fire, build a spreadsheet, answer some emails, drive people around, or bring food for the rest of us eat. To those special people who provided that phoenix down at just the right moment, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


To the great people who trusted us with their games, who walked in and said, “I have an idea I want to talk about,” who presented their music, and who participated in some small way, being patient with us to help share a piece of you with the rest of us, IndiE3 would be nothing without you all. Thank you for trusting us to the end, giving us valuable advice and even criticism, and even stepping in without asking when you saw a need left unfulfilled.


And to our wonderful viewers who decided IndiE3 was worth their attention, shared stories and ideas in the chatroom, gave us feedback, spread the word, or just sat with us so that we wouldn’t be sitting in front of the camera alone, thank you. We hope it was worth your while, and we couldn’t have done this without all of you.


Extensive Helpers: (Everything from helping create panels, filling time that would’ve otherwise been dead air, to creating art, hand-feeding HQ, driving people around, and so many more)

Chris Priestman - @Cpriestman

Tess Young - @TheChicMonster

Meekstape - @Meekstape

Robbydude - @Robbydude

Arden Ripley - @Sproutella

Sean Burton - @SeanBurtonQB

Phil Gerou - @HellaProfesh

Hananahammocks - @Hananahammocks

Aevee Bee - @MammonMacine

General Ironicus - @Gen_Ironicus

ChipCheezum - @ChipCheezum

Slowbeef - @Slowbeef

Diabetus - @The_Betus

David Echols - @echohack (the lighting was GREAT~)



Over 170 games submitted

Game Jam participants

Associated Organizations:

Indie Game Riot

Indie Haven

Indie Game Magazine

Game Jolt




Adi - @adiera1

Kitsunami - @kitsunami

ReverandDS - @ReverandDS

MallowyGoodness - @MallowyGoodness

NaighikariYami - @NaighikariYami

JoeParlock - @JoeParlock

Dan Silvers - @shadesofsilver


Josh Whelchel - @soundofjw

JM - @wbojangles

Svetlana - @lana_chan_



Austin Walker - @Austin_Walker

Iris Bull - @ibull

Ian Williams - @brock_toon

Liz Ryerson - @ellaguro

Robin Arnott - @VideoDreaming

Isaac Schankler - @piesaac

Henk Boom - @henkboom

Robert Moore - @bloodyBHoney

Veerender Jubbal - @Veerender_Jubbal

Ansh - @lightnarcissus

Zoyə Street - @rupazero

Auston Monteville - @piidx

Andrew Gleeson - @_andrio

Charles Zapata

Frank Washburn - @FraynkWash

Alex Gold - @AlexGold888

Lana Polansky - @LanaTheGun101

Patrick Lindsey - @BooDooPerson

Dansen & Can of hitbox

Stephen Beirne - @ByronicM

Nic Tringali - @NicTringali


Aliceffekt - @Aliceffekt

SqueakyB - @SqueakyBb

Biwinningism - @Biwinningism

Keeshe - @KeesheK

Parlock - @joeParlock

Kermix - @CrillFactor

W1nters - @W1ntersWitha1

FanzyFlani - @fanzyflani

John Thyer - @crono_maniac

Landis Huey - @Huey253

Dacidbro - @Dacidbro

Deniz Loz - @tLozSEA

MKim - @totoroSlayer

James Howell - @adilegian

Diana Poulsen - @dianapoulsen

Auriea Harvey - @taleoftales

HJTenchi - @HJtenchi

Leth - @griffinmata

Nicholas Zapetis - @Compufreak99

Manuel Marcano - @CavalierGames

Elizabeth LaPensée - @odaminowin

Kahlief Steele - @kahstizzle

Nick Kallman - @KallmanSound

Arvind Raja Yadav - @arvindrajayadev

Ross Zevenhuizen III - @Ross_SevHouse




Zolani - @Fengxii

Austin - @AustinCHowe

James - @Logichole

Solon - @SolonCubed

Ted - @Teioh

Lilly - @Lilly_Truffle

Rachel - @xoRachelRaymond

Angelo - @theC0r


Special Thanks:

Jenn Frank - @jennatar

(for inspiring James and saving the show on Wednesday)

Samantha Kalman - @samanthaZero

(for providing the venue for an actual after-party)

The FRED Wildlife Refuge

(for hosting an actual AFTER-PARTY on a week notice)

Zoe Quinn - @TheQuinnspiracy  

(Somehow fitting IndiE3 into everything that you were doing that week)

Simon Karlsson - @Simon_Karlsson

(Interview for A Song For Viggo. CONGRATS!!)

Danny Garfield - @Concursion

(Interview for Concursion)

Richard Terrell “KirbyKid” - @KirbyKid

(Interview for Starseed Sanctuary/BaraBariBall)


(Y’all were anything but awful and you have our sincere thanks! o7)


Our Viewers:

A huge thank you to everybody who re-blogged and retweeted about IndiE3, everybody who watched our broadcasts, everybody who commented in our chat rooms and contributed to the wonderful discussions, everybody who secretly hoped we’d pull this off.

Thank you to everybody who participated in this event! If you were involved and have not been credited please let us know (@projectIndiE3 or @SolonCubed) so we can send you all of our love. (Currently missing some of our mods and musicians)


dapperanarchist asked:

I'm a bit confused, as I rarely watch livestreams - will they be available to watch at other times, other than the original time? I'm in the UK, so talks start around 9 or 10pm for me, and I work during the day...

Archives will show up on Hitbox usually the day after, and we’ll have archives up on YouTube sometime next week.